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Atualizado: 10 de dez. de 2020

To do art for me

means to integrate parts

in a harmonious whole,

aligning with the circumstances...

Devoted to Beauty, for pleasure,

dedicated to Truth for good...

It is not a matter of how to do,

but how to be, making it visible

by hands in the matter...

This kind of art cannot be separated

from ritual or philosophy,

since they are forebears of meaning,

yeast of the culture...

This kind art can be recognized

by its soothing effects, the well being

when Grace comes to muse us

with sounds, images and in-pressions...

This kind art is permeated by joy

and perpetrated by intention,

curious for what wants to become

through work, play and invocation...

LuA 2010

... em altares do cotidiano ...

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