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  • lumiajoy prancheta mítica o trabalho nunca está pronto

... porque o vir-a-ser é o trabalho ...a vida é o amor pelo vir-a-ser ...

... ser ...flor ... amor

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Jaana Bombin
Jaana Bombin
Jun 07, 2021

I started to build a bridge

with words

step by step

to the landscape

I wish I was

Your pictures have been gates guiding me

to find the words

to build the bridge

to travel

that special place


Candida Camargo
Candida Camargo
Apr 19, 2021

LUCILA, vc é como Natureza, riquíssima e inesgotável em sua poética criação


Jaana Bombin
Jaana Bombin
Apr 19, 2021

How can I ever understund

the force of Creation

millions of manifestations

such as Tree and Flower

I believe the art is the Gate

to take us more near

the invisible form

behind everything

The artist goes through the gate

and picks a yellow flower

from the meadow in the cosmic world

and brings it back us all to see and experience

Lucila Assumpção
Lucila Assumpção
Jun 03, 2021
Replying to

l loved your poem!...I received your yellow flower ...with reverence and gratitude

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